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Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)

“A Crash Course”


24. September 2023 - 28. September 2023





Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)

“A Crash Course”

The course is intended as an intro into the GIS science in general in a tight format, it will cover the history of the discipline and the basics of the science while offering tutorials based on Esri ArcGIS software. The first 2 parts will alternate between theoretical and application knowledge plus some tutorials, while the third part will focus on theoretical knowledge and could be used as a road ahead for users interested in more advanced knowledge and applications in the Geospatial field.

Who can apply?

This workshop is only open for students and researchers affiliated to partner universities (Kassel University, Babyon University, Beirut Arab University, and Alexandria University)

Application Deadline:

Wednesday, 20. September 2023 - 23:59 CET


Sun 24-09-23 (09:00 - 15:00 CET)

GIS Basics, a quick go over the basic tenants of GIS science and technology (online)

Mon 25-09-23

Tutorials (around 4-6 Hrs work) offline

Tue 26-09-23 (09:00 - 15:00 CET)

More advanced Functionalities of GIS tech & software

Wed 27-09-23

Tutorials (around 4-6 Hrs work) offline

Thu 28-09-23 (09:00 - 15:00 CET)

Intro to some advanced spatial analysis concepts and applications

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Workshop Tutor:

Asst. Professor:  Abdulmoneim Alfiky

Abdulmoneim Alfiky is an Assistant Professor at the Urban Design & Planning Dept.– Ain Shams University. He Has a B.Sc. in Urban Planning & design, an M.Sc. in Urban Environmental management, and a PhD in Regional Planning & Modelling. His work is focused on spatial analysis & modeling. His professional experience focuses on strategic and regional planning in urban & rural areas of the Egyptian Nile Delta & Valley. He actively participated in several EU Funded projects between Ain Shams University and various European universities.  And is currently the academic coordinator of Integrated Urbanism & Sustainable Design IUSD Masters Programme, a double degree offered by Ain Shams University & University of Stuttgart.



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