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September 17, 2023
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September 21, 2023

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The project team is delighted to extend their heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Dr. Hassan Abdel Salam on his appointment as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Beirut Arab University. We are honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Abdel Salam as the new Principal Investigator representing BAU in this collaborative project.

Hassan M. K. ABDEL-SALAM is Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design, was Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University (2018-2022). He also served as Dean of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering at BAU (2007-2011). A graduate of Alexandria University, he has been awarded a PhD Degree from Oxford Brookes University – UK. He teaches several courses of Architectural Design, Theory of Architecture, Criticism, Urban Planning, Housing, Design Economics and Sustainability, and participates in several Academic Development and Quality Assurance programs. He also holds positions as academic consultant, advisor, and external-examiner at other universities / institutions in Egypt and Lebanon, developing a broad experience in the field of education of Architecture, Urbanism, and Environmental Sustainability. Recently, he has been involved in the review of academic curricula and standards of educational programs, in several departments of Architecture locally and regionally. He is engaged in focused research with particular interest in Contemporary Architectural and Planning Trends, Environmentalism and Contextualism.


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